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Estate Administration

Estate Administration Lawyer in South Carolina

When a loved one passes away and you are responsible for his or her estate, it can be difficult to determine which legal steps are best to take. We can help. At the Armstrong Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina, we guide people through the estate administration process.

Estate administration (sometimes called probate) can often seem overwhelming. Instructions are written in complicated legal language. They often involve many forms and notices. Timelines must be followed. And to make things more difficult, personal representatives often struggle to locate titles, life insurance, IRAs, account information and other important documents.

Talking With a Lawyer Can Help. Call 864-241-0633

At the Armstrong Law Firm, we help people understand the estate administration process. Guiding them step by step, we help them achieve goals and accomplish legal tasks. Our attorney, David Armstrong, likens our estate administration services to guiding one across a deep river. With over 40 years of experience, we know the deep parts and the hazards. We will guide you through these parts, making sure that we both reach the other side together safely.

We can guide you through many important estate administration tasks:

  • Filing a petition to be appointed as a personal representative
  • Preparing an inventory and accounting
  • Managing creditors' claims/paying debts
  • Making disbursements
  • Transferring stocks, bonds and retirement accounts

Do You Need Help With Estate Administration?

At the Armstrong Law Firm, our mission is to help people through complicated legal processes, like estate administration. We use in-depth knowledge and experience to help you understand the law, making the best possible legal decisions. To talk with us about your estate administration needs, contact us at 864-241-0633.

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