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Probate Litigation

Probate Attorney in Greenville

When an argument erupts within a family about the distribution of a loved one's estate, it is always a good idea to have an experienced probate lawyer try to help resolve the issues amicably. This is already an emotional time and people may be quick to take sides. Prolonging the grieving process with probate litigation can alter family bonds and lead to long term discord if not handled swiftly and correctly.

At the Armstrong Law Firm, we take a genuine interest in the Greenville community as longtime residents and we aim to preserve family relationships that hold this neighborhood together. We know this is a difficult time and we do everything we can to make the probate process easier, even when issues seem to be unclear. If you need experienced guidance for this tough time, contact us at 864-241-0633.

David Armstrong has over 40 years of experience as a probate lawyer in Greenville who can help you pursue or defend:

  • Will contests if the will was not executed properly or there are problems interpreting the language
  • Trusts contests involving unnamed beneficiaries or unforeseen events
  • Allegations of undue influence on the decedent or representatives of the estate
  • Probate fraud such as improper payouts being made or documents being forged
  • Issues involving the mental capacity of the decedent at the time they executed estate planning documents
  • Breach of fiduciary duty allegations made against attorneys, conservators, guardians or other personal representatives

Probate Litigation Attorney in South Carolina Dedicated to Helping Your Family

In some cases, we can reach a resolution by meeting with all interested parties and assessing everyone's interests. In other cases, probate litigation is necessary so a neutral third party that who understands the law makes the correct interpretation. We can help you research and present your side to the probate court. Our goal is always to make sure the estate is distributed fairly with as little few interruptions as possible.

When you need help as a beneficiary or are someone who is tasked with carrying out estate administration duties, contact the Armstrong Law Firm. Our Greenville, South Carolina, law office is available by calling 864-241-0633 or by completing our online intake form.

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