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Traffic Violations / DUI

Greenville Traffic Violation Lawyer

At the Armstrong Law Firm, we are serious about helping people who have been charged with any type of traffic violations. We know how seriously the South Carolina courts take these charges, so we prepare strong defenses for our clients, exploring every reasonable option under the law.

Traffic Violations

In South Carolina, the penalties for traffic violations are serious, especially if they are alcohol-related. Convictions can lead to license suspension, license revocation and a dramatic increase in motor vehicle insurance premiums. Convictions can also cause special problems for people, like truckers, who need their commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) for their jobs. Now with the federally mandated Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010, CDL drivers face severe penalties often affecting their jobs. For example, conviction of operating a commercial motor vehicle(CMV) without a seat belt results in seven penalty points, (speeding 1-5 miles per hour over the limit results in 1 point).

With consequences this serious, it is easy to see how one mistake or one false accusation can taint the rest of a person's life. At the Armstrong Law Firm, we fight back by providing strong defenses against a wide range of traffic violations:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Driving on a suspended license or under suspension
  • Charges related to leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run)
  • Insurance violations, including operating a vehicle as an uninsured driver
  • Improper lane changes, failure to obey a traffic stop, or yield to a right of way
  • Reckless driving
  • Blue light violation (failure to stop)

Does a South Carolina traffic conviction hurt you in your home state?

Yes. Many people are surprised to discover that out-of-state traffic violations can adversely affect their license in their home state. So, people who are convicted of traffic violations in South Carolina may face serious consequences, like license suspension and revocation — even if they live in North Carolina or elsewhere. The best approach is to take care of things by working with experienced Greenville traffic violation attorney, David Armstrong today to help minimize the potential effects.

Talk to a South Carolina Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer About Your Defense

Is a traffic violation jeopardizing your license, your insurance rates, or your record when it comes to points? Contact the Armstrong Law Firm by calling 864-241-0633 or by completing our online intake form.

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